separated silicone suction plate - Mom rest assured that the baby is happy dining artifacts

Wed Nov 02 15:44:07 CST 2022

Mom rest assured that the baby is happy dining artifacts, separated silicone suction plate, silicone tableware.

separated silicone suction plate

Previously a meal requires the use of dinner plates, rice bowls, soup bowls and children's dining chair tray, now with the separation of silicone suction plate, get all, but also greatly reduce the cleaning time.

Separate silicone suction plate, the use of very safe and reliable food-grade material production, very soft, delicate touch, but also no taste. The most important thing is the ease of cleaning, containing some less oil baby food is almost not attached to the oil, clean water a flush on clean; sometimes placed very greasy meat, slightly put some detergent, a light wipe fast water rinse, instantly refreshing no grease, this simple and efficient cleaning function, really let the mother's heart a lot easier, save labor, just wash a clean and hygienic baby compartmentalized silicone dinner plate is more delightful.

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Divided silicone suction plate, suction force is strong, not easy to knock over

More than one year old baby loves to flip tableware, throw food, separating the suction silicone plate is very solid, adults can not move at all, baby can occasionally happen to lift the edge of the mat, but because the mat and the overall nature of the plate, baby lift is not easy, parents have enough time to prohibit!

separated silicone suction plate

A large capacity, high value separation silicone suction plate

Separate silicone suction plate design, actually very large capacity! A separating suction silicone plate can all fit, in addition to other places can be placed at will, very convenient. And because the design is simple and generous, the color is fresh and good-looking, the food is placed casually, all look particularly beautiful.

separated silicone suction plate

The most thoughtful design is to separate the silicone suction plate dinner plate and placemats as one, reducing the problem of hygiene for mom to organize.