Why are silicone bowls so popular?

Fri Sep 16 12:28:15 CST 2022

With the enhancement of the life standard, more and more people are paying attention to their own health conditions. Consumers are prefer to choose more safer products for their daily life. 

The materials of the silicone are Eco-friendly, BPA free,non-toxic, odourless, high temperature resistance. The food grade materials are very safe for the consumers to use.

Silicone bowls are portable which is the main reason why they are so welcome for the families. This is because of that they are very light compared with the traditional bowls. One silicone bowl is only about 100g, that is only one fifth of the traditional bowls. So they are very easy to carry with.

The second reason is that Silicone bowls are beautiful and perfect size, neither too big or small just right for the babies to use. They are super cute design, suction of the bottom is very strong so the babies can not knocking over the food over while eating.

Another feature of the silicone bowl is its malleability. Normally, the traditional bowls are round, however, consumers need different shape of bowls at different situation. For example, they may need a lunch box for work. So the traditional bowls can not satisfy the users needs, but the silicone bowls can. The silicone can be made into many different shape, color, style, etc in order to meet the needs of the markets.

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