What are customized silicone bibs?

Mon Oct 24 14:01:19 CST 2022

Recent years, silicone products are popular in the consumer markets, among them, silicone bibs have attracted more attention of the customers.  They are made from food grade silicone materials and BPA free . The silicone bibs  are non-toxic, odourless, high temperature resistance which provide the safety guarantee to our users.

 The design of the strip is unique, there are four buttons on the strip so you can adjust the buttons around the neck to the right size according to the users need. The bottom part of the silicone bib is a food catcher, which is use to catch the dropped food and avoid staining cloths.

The materials of the silicone bibs are very soft and foldable so they are portable and very easy to store.

The silicone bibs are suitable for sitting babies, the elderly, the disable and the patient, etc.


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We also can customize the silicone bibs into different colors and patterns in order to satisfy the different group of peoples needs. If you need to order customized silicone bibs or other

silicone articles, please do not hesitate to contact us via email or telephone. We will reply you as soon as we can.